Learn Blender 3 - Add Edges in Mesh

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Add Edges to Mesh

 Loop Cut Tool

  • Go to edit mode
  • The tools and icons on the right change
    • If you float over them, they tell you what they are
  • You can drag the side of the icons to put them
    • side by side
    • or by seeing the name
  • Icons with a triangle on the bottom right corner have sub-menus
  • You can use the loop cut tool to add edges
    • Ctrl + r
      • You can see short cuts if you hover your mouse and leave it for a few seconds over the icon.
    • By default, it is in the middle of the two parallel edges
      • If you left click the mouse button and hold and drag, you can position where it goes
  • When you let go of the left click and have the edge loop, there is a menu on the bottom left to configure things like the
    • number of cuts.
    • things to control the profile
  • You can use the mouse scroll wheel to add more cuts before you left click to confirm
    • Then you can move the new edges on the surface
  • You can alt + left mouse button click an edge to select the edge loop

 Offset Edge Loop Cut

  • If you left mouse button click and hold on the loop cut tool, you can select the Offset Edge Loop Cut.
    • This allows you to drag edge loops from either side out

 Knife Tool

  • You can click where you want to add edges
    • Press Enter key to confirm
  • Delete vertex versus dissolve vertex
  • Short cut Shift + Spacebar then choose it in the menu or press k
    • Or just k

 Bisect Tool

  • Only cuts components that are selected

  • Can press the a key to select all points

  • Left mouse button click and hold and drag across the model

    • There is a manipulator to help afterwards
  • Ctrl + v vertex menu floating window

  • Ctrl + e edge menu floating window

  • Ctrl + f face menu floatinng window

  • Edge menu has the subdivide command.


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