How to Download Previous Versions of Blender

Blender is an amazing, fully functional 3D package. What really makes it appealing is that fact that you can download any version on the many platforms it supports at anytime.

As mentioned on own website:

"You will always be able to download every version of Blender at any time. It’s yours to keep, forever!"


This is appealing because you can version lock your production to a specific version. You can come back to it years later (maybe you are working on a sequel,) and you can use the exact same version and features your project was built on. Still to this day, this is a major problem in studios using popular commercial software. They can't get older versions because of licensing or it is simply not available anymore. They can't use the new versions because the features they built their pipeline on is deprecated or works differently. In a lot of cases, there simply isn't time or budget to deal with this overhead of getting old assets to work in...

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