How To: Install Docker

  • Go to  Get Docker and download and install the Docker version for your platform

    • You have to install Docker Desktop for Mac

    • You have to install Docker Desktop for Windows

      • NOTE (IMPORTANT): Follow the instructions to install WSL 2 backend. This is what allows you to run Linux Docker container on a Windows machine.

    • You have to install Docker for Linux (there isn’t a Docker Desktop) for Linux at the time of this writing

  • Check to make sure your Docker is installed by going to the terminal and checking the Docker version with this command.


 docker --version
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How To: Setup GitHub to work with your local Git

  • Set user name and email on your local git.

    • NOTE: Make sure the username and email is the same used for the GitHub repo shared with the team for the project.

git config --global "Your Name"

git config --global "[email protected]"

  • Check config

git config --list

  • Clone the GitHub repository

  • This may work for you

 git clone<GITHUB ADDRESS>
  • If the above code does not work for you (possibly on Windows or an older version of git), try this

    • FOR PRIVATE GITHUB REPOSITORY: You MUST include the username with collaboration permissions (i.e. the GitHub username you are using for this project)

    • The the syntax will be https://<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME><GITHUB ADDRESS>

  • Check remote origin (be in the git repo folder locally on your machine) 

git remote show origin

  • List branches

    • Git local branches only

 git branch
  • Git remote branches

 git branch -r
  • Git all...

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