Learn Blender 3 - Add-ons

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  • Can think of it as plug-ins in other software.
  • It extends the functionality of Blender that were not originally coded into the software.
  • You can install addons from other third-parties or develop your own.
    • If you work at a studio or a project, there may be custom addons to streamline your specific workflow.
  • To add addons
    • Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons
      • You can list the
        • Official
        • Community
        • Testing
        • Install (off your drive, or storage medium)
        • Refresh
      • You can search for Add-ons as well in the search field.
      • You can hold shift to multiview
  • Some Add-ons come with Blender when it is installed but just not enabled by default.
    • It can save time loading features that most people in general won't use unless you work specifically with these features.
  • Add Mesh: Extra Objects
  • Add-ons can be downloaded for free or purchased
  • If you expand the add-on

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