Learn Blender 3 - Drawing Polygons in Blender

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Polygon Mesh - Drawing Polygons in Blender

  • Create a mesh object
    • Lets use a plane
  • Go into edit mode and delete all vertices
  • Go to top view
    • 7 on the numpad
    • Hold alt and orbit in viewport to snap to a view
    • Click on the positive z-axis in the top right corner
  • To add a vertex
    • Ctrl + Right Mouse Button Click in Edit Mode
    • NOTE: If the last vertex is selected it will draw a edge
      • You can click an empty area in the viewport to unselect
  • Select all the vertices and press the f button to create a face
  • Can check orientation of faces with Overlays -> Geometry -> Face Orientation
    • Make sure Overlays is enabled
    • Make sure backface culling is off
  • You can check backface culling with Viewport Shading -> Options Backface culling
  • You can flip normals of a polygon by
    • Going into edit mode
    • Select the face
    • In viewport menu Mesh -> Normals -> Flip
      • Can just do Alt + N

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