Learn Blender 3 - Extrude and Inset

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Extrude and Inset

Extrude a Face

  • Alt + e
  • e extrude
  • Go to edit mode
  • Select the faces you want to extrude
  • Choose the Extrude Region in the toolbar
  • You get an icon to extrude
  • If you extrude, you get a manipulator
    • There are options on the top right to make the manipulator Normal or XYZ
    • XYZ is affected by the Transformation Orientation at the top (i.e. Global, Local, Normal, ...)
  • If you press and hold the Extrude Region icon, you can choose different modes like
    • extrude along normal
    • extrude individual
    • extrude to cursor

Inset a face

  • i shortcut
  • Select a face and choose inset face tool
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON CLICK AND HOLD THE CIRCLE OUTLINE of the manipulator and click and drag towards the center of the insert
  • You can multi-select faces and do an insert.
    • The bottom right options lets you choose individual
    • The option is also at the top left of the viewport
  • There is also outset

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