Learn Blender 3 - Modeling Tools Introduction

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Modeling tools introduction

  • You can toggle to the orthographic view, click on the grid in the top right corner of the viewport.
    • Perspective view is when there is a vanishing point
    • Orthographic view does not have this vanishing point
  • Polygon tools only works on meshes
  • Must be in edit mode
    • You are deforming and manipulating
      • vertices (points, verts)
      • edges (lines, sides)
      • polygons (faces)
  • You can't select other objects while in edit mode
  • You can go into edit mode from
    • the top drop down
    • Ctrl + Tab
      • Tab only will toggle Object Mode and Edit Mode
    • 1, 2, 3 on the top keyboard
      • 1 vertices
      • 2 edges
      • 3 polygons
  • You can select the component in edit mode
    • vertices
    • edges
    • polygons
  • NOTE: You can use the shift key to multi select different components
  • a select all
  • alt + a clear selection
    • double tap a quickly to also clear selection.
  • Can use the different selection tools to select components
    • b select box
    • c select circle
      • Must use the right mouse button to disable circle selection mode
    • Ctrl + right and drag to select with the free lasso
  • Turn on x-ray mode to select components that are occluded (not visible)
  • Hold Shift key to multi select
    • Shift key also excludes from the selection
  • Ctrl + (NumPad) expand selection
  • Ctrl - (NumPad) shrink selection
  • Alt + Left Mouse Button Click on edge to select edge loop
    • Works on any component (vertices, edges, polygons)
      • For polygons, Alt + Left Mouse Button Click near the sides dictates the direction of the loop
  • Alt + Shift + Left Mouse Button Click to add multiple selection of edge loops
  • Ctrl + Alt + Left Mouse Button Click edge ring select
  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Click from one component to a range (i.e. edge loop or edge ring)
    • Works on components
      • Vertices
      • Edges
      • Polygons
  • L place cursor of a shell piece in edit mode and just press the L key (do not need to Left Mouse Button Click)
    • Hovering over other shells and pressing L will add to the selection

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