Learn Blender 3 - Modifiers

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  • Modifies the object non-destructively.
    • This means the original object state is still accessible
  • To add a modifier
    • Select an object
    • Go to the wrench icon, which is the Modifier tab.
    • Add a modifier
  • To remove a modifier, click the X in the top right corner
  • You can bake the effects of the modifier into the object, making it a destructive operation.
    • Drop down menu, choose apply
      • Hotkey: Ctrl + a
  • You can duplicate modifiers
    • Drop down menu, choose duplicate
    • Hotkey: Shift + d
  • You can stack modifiers
    • It is stacked from top to bottom
      • Top-most modifiers affect first
  • Buttons at the top will be found on all modifiers
    • The monitor icon enable/disable seeing the modifier's effect in the 3D viewport
    • The camera icon enable/disable seeing the modifier's effect in the render
  • You can use the twirl down button to collapse and expand the modifier's options.
  • You can change the order of the modifiers by dragging the top right corner up and down

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