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  • Scenes always start with a default collection.
    • Relatively new concept
    • Root Scene Collection
      • Cannot be delete
      • Cannot be renamed
  • The default collection cannot be deleted
  • Objects will be added to scenes where the collection is active.
    • If Scene Collection is selected, object will be added there
    • If Collection is selected, object will be added there
  • Can add new collection with icon on top right of outliner
    • or right click an empty space and create a new collection.
    • Also by having objects selected
      • Hotkey: m
        • New collection
  • To rename an object in the outliner
    • double click and rename
    • Press F2 and rename
  • Can delete a collection
    • Hotkey: x
    • Hotkey: Delete
    • Objects in the collection will go to the parent collection
  • To move objects to collection
    • Drag and drop objects in the outliner into collection
    • Select objects in 3D Viewport
      • Hotkey: m
        • Pop up menu to move objects to collection.
  • Can drag objects out of collections and into other collections.
    • Can nest collections
  • The number keys at the top of the keyboard corresponds to the visibility
    of the collections
    • To make all collections visible again, hover mouse over outliner
      • Hotkey: alt + h

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