Learn Blender 3 - Real-Estate and Areas

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  • Blender has
    • top menu bar
    • bottom status bar
  • Top menu bar has menu items
    • Blender Icon
    • File
    • Edit
    • Render
    • Window
    • Help
    • Tabs for different layouts
  • Status bar gives information on how to use the active tool
    • You can hide it if you click and hold and drag down on the bottom margin and drag down.
    • To show it again, click on the bottom border of the interface and drag up.
  • To maximize an area, hover over it and press CTRL+Spacebar, if you are on Windows. There should be something equivalent on each platform, such as possibly COMMAND and Spacebar.
  • Each area that is for viewing has an editor.
    • You can control and view scene information with it.
  • You can join, split, and scale areas.
    • This is very specific to Blender and makes it unique and is a stand-out feature compared to other 3D packages.
    • Blender tries to not have floating windows but to split the real-estate up into sections.
  • To scale, left click on the mouse and drag an edge of the area
  • To split areas, right click on the mouse on an edge of an area and choose split
    • A perpendicular split line will appear to split the area in the adjacent area you mouse over.
  • To join areas, right click on the mouse on an edge of an area and choose join.
    • An arrow will appear to show which area will be "stomped" over be the other area.
  • Another and probably faster way to join areas is to hover over a corner of an array until the icon becomes a cross. Then you can click and drag a new area.
    • If you drag it into the current area into an area that does not contain the corner, you will merge the areas.
  • Practice it. If you mess up, start a new scene to get the original layout
    • File -> New -> General

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