Master the Mix: 3 Essential Techniques for Elevating Your Home Studio Music Productions

Welcome to the world of home studio music production, where creativity meets technology! Whether you're a budding producer, an aspiring musician, or a curious hobbyist, the art of mixing can transform your tracks from good to great. But where do you start? With countless tools at your fingertips and advice pouring in from every corner, it can be overwhelming. Fear not! In this blog post, we'll dive into three critical techniques that will elevate your music, ensuring your home mixes not only sound professional but also resonate with your unique artistic vision. Let's unlock the secrets to mixing magic!

  1. Balance Your Levels Carefully:

    • Start with a Clean Slate: Begin your mix with all faders down and gradually bring them up one at a time. This helps you set a balance that ensures no single element overpowers the others.
    • Use Volume Automation: Rather than setting a static level for each track, use volume automation to dynamically adjust levels throughout the track. This helps...
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Learn Blender 3 - Extrusion Polybuild

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Extrusion Polybuild

  • e to extrude edge and vertices
  • f to build face of selected vertices
  • Polybuild tool all for drag and drop of faces and edges
  • Can turn on vertex snap with icon on top middle of viewport
  • Can turn on auto merge vertices with icon at top right in viewport
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Learn Blender 3 - Spin Tool

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Spin Tool


  • Shift + c cursor back to the center of the world
  • Hold Alt + Middle Mouse Button to focus where you pressed

How to use the spin tool

  • Go into face mode
  • Select a face
  • Select the spin tool
  • Choose axis on top
  • Press shift and right mouse button to place the manipulator
  • Choose clock-wise or counter clock-wise direction
  • Can move it with the left bottom menu or the move manipulator
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Learn Blender 3 - Bridge Fill Bevel

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Bridge, Fill, Bevel


  • Shift + d to duplicate components
    • Press x, y, or z to constrain the move onto that axis


  • Select edges (can be faces or holes)
    • Ctrl + e
    • Edge -> Bridge Edge Loops
    • There are other options in the bottom left HUD of the screen


  • Select a hole with edges and press f or

    • f

      • Vertex -> New Edge/Face from Vertices
  • `Face -> Fill` - `Alt + f` - `Face -> Grid Fill`
  • Only work if the selected hole have even number of selected edges


  • Ctrl + b
  • Use the bevel tool in the tool bar
    • The manipulator shows up for you to move the edges
    • There are other options in the bottom left HUD of the screen
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Learn Blender 3 - Extrude and Inset

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Extrude and Inset

Extrude a Face

  • Alt + e
  • e extrude
  • Go to edit mode
  • Select the faces you want to extrude
  • Choose the Extrude Region in the toolbar
  • You get an icon to extrude
  • If you extrude, you get a manipulator
    • There are options on the top right to make the manipulator Normal or XYZ
    • XYZ is affected by the Transformation Orientation at the top (i.e. Global, Local, Normal, ...)
  • If you press and hold the Extrude Region icon, you can choose different modes like
    • extrude along normal
    • extrude individual
    • extrude to cursor

Inset a face

  • i shortcut
  • Select a face and choose inset face tool
  • LEFT MOUSE BUTTON CLICK AND HOLD THE CIRCLE OUTLINE of the manipulator and click and drag towards the center of the insert
  • You can multi-select faces and do an insert.
    • The bottom right options lets you choose individual
    • The option is also at...
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Combine and Separate Geometry

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Combine and Separate Geometry

Combine Meshes into One Mesh

  • First, Shift + Left Mouse Button Click all the geometry object that you want to be joined
  • Second, Shift + Left Mouse Button Click the last geometry object that all the other geometry object will be joined to.
  • In the 3D Viewport menu, do Object -> Join
    • You can also use Ctrl + j

To Separate

  • In edit mode, hover the mouse over a linked area (also known as in other 3D packages as shell, element, island) press the l key to select the linked faces
  • While in Edit Mode In the 3D Viewport menu, do Mesh -> Separate -> Selection
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Learn Blender 3 - Deleting Components in a Mesh

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Delete Components in a Mesh

 Delete Vertices, Edges, and Faces

  • Select object's component (either vertices, edges, or faces) in edit mode in the viewport
  • Press the Delete key or x key
  • A floating menu shows up to choose what to delete
    • Deleting with the first part of the menu deletes all the geometry components to it
      • Try delete vertices, edges, faces. You will see that the components that cannot exist without them will be deleted.
    • Dissolve just removes that component but leave the surrounding components intacted.
  • Ctrl + x and Ctrl + Del dissolves edges
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